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    so I know I’m not the only one but OMG is anyone else completely knackered?

    Im working from home and home schooling a year five hormonal tween sassy pants.

    My MD suggested I work my hours early in the morning or after she has gone to bed as I am feeling unable to be even slightly productive work wise during the day.

    But I’m asleep as soon as she (sometimes before) is and barely able to peel myself out of bed after the sixth snooze press in the morning.

    It feels impossible and a little hopeless right now to find any reasonable balance.

    No schoolwork was achieved today. We tried but it was getting feisty and I had a ton of work issues to sort out.

    I feel guilty for neglecting her needs or guilty for not working or both most days.

    Then I’m too tired to plan for the next day and it all starts again.

    Just venting. Sod off Covid!




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    Yes completely.I once read that a shark stops moving only when it’s dead.I usually try to think of myself as a shark…in a good way.Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.Does it really matter if we stop being so productive and sensible all the time? I’ve invested in a stash of comfort food lately- and it’s not celery sticks – to help me get through this.Days like today I’ve wasted hours online and minimal schoolwork happening.We can’t be everything to everyone all the time! As long as we have clean clothes,fresh food and the bills are paid I can’t be bothered about the rest right now.And like all good things this too will eventually grind to an end.

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    is the childs dad able to help out?

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    I know exactly how you feel i’m working from home 3 days a week and in the office two (when my two yongest are with their dad).  I have 4 kids 15, 12, 9 and 7 and because i find working from home so hard i do 8-12ish in the morning then do the rest of my hours after 6pm when everyone is fed and in pj’s or i do two extra long days when i’m in the office.   I am contstantly refereeing fights, deciding who’s turn it is on the xbox or feeding them i have no chance.  They do about 30 mins a day of school work if they’re in the mood and i try to get them out of the house for a bit if i can.

    I’m ashamed to say i now have 3 xboxes in my house just to give me a fighting chance at getting some time to do some work.


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    I’m feeling exactly the same guys.  I have a 3 year old and a 9 year old and working full-time.  Work is coming first with me but I do get up super early and try to get stuff done b4 kids wake up, I then go to bed with the kids at night.  The house is an absolute tip ‘ I just haven’t got the energy for it! I’ve let the school know I’m single mum working full-time- I cant sit with my daughter and help her learn.  Ive also made dad step up as hes barely working and now not paying maintenance so I said we can pretty much do 50/50 during this period,  I literally drop kick the kids outbthe door by the end of the week then desperately miss them but it does help with the sanity ! If there is any way u can release a bit of pressure.  Ive silenced the school WhatsApp group with all the stay at home mums moaning about homeschooling because they can’t go to the gym!! Anyway this period has shown me i can be very resilient when I need to be and so can we all.  Its nearly the weekend ladies hang in there xxx

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    O guys. I’m so glad I found this forum.

    No school work was achieved yesterday. Zilch.

    I woke up late this morning and missed 3 calls from work before 8.

    I’ve worked solidly up to now and I’m taking a break.

    I’ve switched off schoolping and social media. We’re just going to do it our way. There’s a niggling feeling of letting her down but I shall banish it as best I can..

    My heart goes out to you all doing all you can to just keep on keeping on.

    She’s off to her dad’s and step family this weekend. I will most probably sleep continuously ready for week 2 😂

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    It is a mad time, I have just got my two younger children to attend school as I’m classed as a key worker, the work sent home is a nightmare, I’m a bit long in the tooth but I find I am unable to assist with quite a lot of their questions, it is hard to say google it to a seven year old.

    my older children are home schooling, each requiring a laptop to do the work, I sort out the breakfast and drop off the other two with a packed lunch while I go to work and then it’s pick up, dinner, tidy up and bed, ha what a life.

    times are difficult for all of us but a routine can help, make sure you sleep at the right times and get some fresh air and you should start to get a grip on things with a clearer head.

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    I have realised that working from home makes me really hate my job and the majority of my work colleagues right now and I’m trying to suss out why.

    I think because I’m allowing all the crap and stress into my own home. I’m allowing the ping sound of an email notification on my personal laptop or a ring on my personal phone to stop me in my tracks and raise my anxiety in what is my safe space. I’m allowing my perception of what colleagues think of my productivity to make me doubt my worth and my ability to cope.

    I started taking antidepressants this week. I haven’t touched them for years. I feel like I had to have something to help silence all the negative chatter. I blame my work for this feeling of failure.

    My MD sent me an email copied from something his wife had seen on Facebook from a headteacher about not pressuring parents to homeschool. It was probably sent with the best of intentions but just made me more upset and angry because I felt in a way he was telling me to prioritize my work over educating my child. He’s suggested that i fit my 30 working hours a week in early morning or after she’s gone to bed but that’s when I’m asleep that’s my downtime. So basically prioritize work over my own time when I sleep. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He told me that she should be able to amuse herself for an hour. But she can’t. She really can’t. Does that mean I’m a failure as a parent? Like I say I hate work at the moment. Probably best to pop a pill and get on with it 🤣

    Rant over xxx


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    Omg no.Why wld you suggest ur a failure as a parent?! The complete opposite.You’re giving ur time to your daughter and u need downtime like every human so for now you can’t give your all to your work.How does That make you a failure?! I spend far too much time on here when I shld be playing snakes & ladders or something equally boring-but I hate that,so I’ve escaped,but I’m not a failure.I saw that thing on Facebook as well,I think it was meant to make parents feel Better,not Worse! He was just saying schoolwork doesn’t have to be your main priority it’s ok.

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    Feeling a failure is my default. I’m working on that. Thank you for your kind words…

    New week tomorrow and we’ve agreed between the 2 of us that mornings are for my work and afternoons are for her – whether that’s schoolwork or not.

    If it doesn’t work with regard to work then I’m looking into asking about part furlough options but I don’t feel brave enough just yet to have that conversation. I need far more info behind my request.

    I’m just so tired. If I had more energy I’d be far better organised with all this.


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    I needaliein

    Am so glad have found this thread.  Have been going out of my mind trying to work 2 jobs from home and simultaneously homeschool. I usually use eves after bed  to catch up with work, but am now expected to somehow fit a 7 hour day in after bedtime which often isn’t over till gone 830…so no catch up time… house is a tip, and I am spent! Gave in on Fri and told school it’s not do able- we will work on school- whatever is done fine- but we draw a line under it so we can see daylight in PMS then I can work and she’ll have a film or whatever on TV.. I also have a self employed job- my clients seriously expect me to bring my child, leave her to home school herself in an outbuilding  (they’re millionaires) and get on with my job. Shes 7. Keep saying their grandchildren at school in completely different area have almost no work set and basically what does it matter….difference is they will be able to afford tutors, nannies and extra classes if they fall behind. I will not.

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    i got fed up with full-time work. especially with new employers trying to own you and acting like their the best in the world lol. taking self-employed route so i can work my own hours.

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    I needaliein

    In normal times I’d agree, but benefits of sick pay, pension etc outweigh gains for self employment work atm for me…

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    Since last year I tend to postpone everything that I can postpone. It doesn’t matter if it is some work to be done or even something that brings pleasure. I’m like a pro in postponing. Moreover, or the last few days I sleep less than 4 hours, it’s too little for my normal schedule. When I wake up, I go to shower, then I have a cup of coffee (no I got obsessed with French press and these beans) only after these two steps I look and feel more or less human alike and ready to work. So literary feel your mood.

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