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    OK so firstly hi. My name is becca and I live in the Lake District with an 8 year old lovely super sensitive dyspraxic son and a 5 year old super strong willed daughter. So I’ve been single parenting for 5 years. I’ve managed through all of this pandemic alone and my ex has the children 24 hours on a weekend and I have no real family to rely on. So basically I’m having major anxiety about the new working world ahead of me. I feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day as it is and on Monday I’m starting work as a housekeeper for a local new hotel. The hours are schooltime but obviously the employers are already asking if I can do Weekends and extra. I’ve never used a proper childcare provider…. I’m the only one that my son can deal with. He has his little differences and struggles so bad with mental health he’s not doing so well and I know school will just be so tough for him. He doesn’t really have any friends bless him. He’s so sensitive and such a lovely boy. All adults love him but unfortunately he gets picked on sometimes because he will just cry and he’s about 2 years behind his class with literacy because of dyslexia and being the youngest in the year. I am so worried about this new chapter my anxiety is ruining every day on the run up. I’m so nervous I’m going to be worse off because of the current benefit system. I am worried I’m going to have to flap around each week trying to find childcare especially in the holidays. I’m aware this is probably normal but I’m just needing some advice. Any working single parents out there have any advice? I can’t fail again and feel like I have to start trying to live for me after years of sacrifices for my baby’s. I hope that makes sense and I’m excited to hear some kind works! Thanks so much and be safe xxxxxx

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