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    We separated just over 3 years ago now

    I work full time and have the kids 24/7

    all weekend everything

    they fight a lot as nearly 12 and 6 now

    does anyone else do this and how do they manage please ?

    im dreading another year of it with no break


    my mum does help but they are nearly 80 and my dad is is poor physical health this past year


    is there anything I can do to get a break once in a while of a weekend


    I’m thinking of asking children’s services but I doubt there is anything


    please help me try and keep MH sanity what’s left of it this year please


    many thanks

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    I’m not in the same situation as you. But mine is 2 1/2 and it’s been just us for most of her life…. seeing dad daytimes (sporadic) from 11months to 18months, for almost a year I have work 21 hours a week and apart from work have no down time at all….a lie, one night over the last year, but I had to come home and parent after a night out.

    it is hard and sometimes I resent the parent that is doing whatever he likes, when he likes!! Especially on those god awful days that never seem to end, with tantrums and pure hell 😉 but then I remember how much he’s missing!

    what I do is try and include her in my old activities (although always shorter lived) walk the dog in the beach, go to the pub she has crisps and I have a beer, go for breakfast…. sometimes it is an epic fail! With tantrums galore and I wish the ground would swallow me up and I revert to that feeling if resenting the parent that walked away, but at least I feel like I’m getting out there and being me, even if it is for 30minutes, every now and then.

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    My ds lives with me, his dad does maybe 30 nights a year,  I work full time and have no family backup at all.

    The early years were tough, you need help. Even just to get your hair cut or go for a run.

    Is there a lonely neighbour who would babysit?  Another single mum who will swap babysitting time. Or a local nanny agency that you could book a regular weekly slot? I rang the local college that has a professional childcare course, and offered regular work and a reference to one of their seniors.

    I did like Lulu, and took ds with me to lunch or to galleries etc but that’s almost impossible with two.

    Are you in the UK? Which bit?

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    I’m thinking about volunteering activities  that your older child could get involved with at the weekends or hobbies? Also look on council site for kids clubs during the holidays. Swimming Brownies or scouts? Do you have a garden?, what about an organic veg patch?

    Thankfully I have only one to look after and have to pay 4 childcare  when it gets a bit too much.

    Walking and scrumping is also fun. We collected pine cones and made a Christmss wreath for work  last year. In the summer we made jam and gave that away too. Look on line and see if you can motivate them and get out

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    Ask social services. Definitely.

    There may be before and after schook clubs or registered child minders with spaces available.

    I know its a bit old fashioned but you could always seek out a local babysitter. At 12 and 6 they should be quite capable of looking after themselves despite the arguing.

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