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    I’m being asked by my employer to work from home due to the coronavirus.

    I work in a busy call centre where I take calls one after the other and can only stop for lunch and breaks. The opening hours are 8-8 so I wouldn’t be able to work when my child was sleeping.

    My child is 7 and although he can entertain himself for an hour here and there, there’s no way I could work a 6 hour shift with him at home. I’d basically be ignoring him for most of the day and would feel guilty doing so.

    The managers at my company are mainly young professionals who do not have children so don’t seem to understand that this is going to be extremely difficult.

    I was already stressed about having no childcare to attend work, this seems like the solution but now feels like another hurdle.

    Any advice or anyone know what my rights are in this situation?

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    Gosh – this is a tough one. Poor you.

    Beyond talking to your employer to find an acceptable solution in these unprecedented times, I am afraid I don’t really know where to start – can Gingerbread main site help you and signpost you to an employment expert to discuss your rights and choices.

    Best wishes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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