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    I am wondering if anyone may be able to help with their experience on finances or have previously looked in to this.

    My partner sadly passed away in November leaving me a single parent to our 1 year old. I am trying to work out what our future now holds with money and work. I am currently off work with full sick pay.

    I was working 30 hours a week with childcare in that time being provided by my mum and partner as I was able to work long days/weekends.

    I am unsure now what will be best financially for me and my little boy. Is it better to reduce my hours and be at home with my boy or continue 30 hours to with week day shifts and pay for 3 days a week for a nursery?

    Thanks in advance for any advice x

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    So sorry to hear about your loss.

    you can apply for universal credit but what you earn and if you have a mortgage will depend on what you actually receive.

    I’m a single parent with mortgage so get no help with that which is fine I work, but when I was pregnant I was advised I would receive 85% of nursery fees back  (baby is almost 1 so she doesn’t qualify for any free hours) they have decided I earn too much (I definitely don’t lol) so they deduct it all off me so its a massive struggle at the minute.

    I think if you rent and work 16 hours they will help with rent and others thing so will be worth giving them a call and they will advise, i also spoke to the my local welfare centre, all I’ve come across is if you have a mortgage you don’t qualify for anything even as a single parent 🙁

    Hope this helps! x


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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