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    It’s our first year with my little girls dad not here after him walking out.

    Hes hit and miss when he sees her.

    We have had the dreaded messages over Christmas rotas. My team is short as it is and falls 2 shifts short of full a week and both of us are part time due to kids.

    Pretty much had messages we have to fill christmas and new year between us. Yeah I get. The other girl doesn’t work weekends. I do.

    I’ve said ill do any day other than Christmas as it’s my little girls first Christmas without her dad at home but to be mindful as too many double time shifts leaves me out of pocket (I’m on the cusp if universal credit/work where It works out at 64p an hour for any extra pay but work as much as I can to make it worth working)

    I’ve said Xmas eve boxing day new year any. I’ve not been unreasonable but now it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow, I’ve spent the day on phone to solicitors to try and get legal assistance for parent plan and contact in place so my ex can’t f*** off my child and I just get we get back to you with news.


    Sorry I’m ranting but my 6 year old is not spending Xmas with babysitters. She needs her mum.

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