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    Hi all, I’m after some advice I’ve 1 little one who is 2 in September and I’m due another in January 2022, so I won’t be going back to work for a while as I can’t afford childcare but I’m worrying about the future as I would like to go back to work I’m  wondering what jobs everyone does to match with school hours, before I had children i did office work also if you work full time how do you do this, I’ve got my mum who can help sometimes, but like I say childcare isn’t affordable, maybe when I get a paycheck but how do I get around it for the first month. Thank you

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    I’m in a similar situation too.

    Have a 5 month old and really need to go back to work to pay my bills etc as maternity pay doesn’t cover much.

    How does childcare work? I could probably get my parents to look after little one for a day or so, but really need 2 days of childcare, with my work hours being 9-6.30pm.

    Some advice would be good.


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    Childcare is very daunting when you are a new Mother. Just some tips which may or may not be helpful;

    Firstly @Mary you state that your child is 2 in September at which point you may be able to claim 15 hours government funded childcare hours so long as it’s with an approved Ofsted registered childminder.

    and Mizzari, if you are claiming Universal Credit you can claim childcare costs in arrears up to 85% of your costs (there’s a certain amount it’s capped at but it’s whichever is lower generally, something around £646 I believe). So @Mary you can use the 15 hours Funding with the Universal Credit childcare payment together but obviously Universal credit will not pay for the days/hours that are funded.

    I have been in work since my daughter was 9 months old initially with family support as I weren’t aware of the amount of support out there. However now she’s 3 (I have been in education as a University student and intend on going back this September for a masters) I am currently working on full time basis the first time since having had her. With the support of the payment provisions I outlined at the start. Usually some providers request payment in advance however if you are in receipt of Universal Credit you can request help to pay the advance payment as they have a fund they have to help people get back into work but it’s at the discretion of the job centre but it’s worth asking prior.

    In terms of the actual childcare hours it really varies from provider to provider, from what I have noted 8-6 is generally the standard (around me anyway) and I have found one that’s 7am to 7pm but obviously you would request start times appropriate to yourselves and generally most providers are willing to be helpful.

    Some providers offer breakfast if your children come early, others may ask for an additional payment if you are in receipt of government childcare funding as they say the money they receive from the Government doesn’t cover all their costs but some don’t.

    So all in all it’s just what works for you and what you feel comfortable with.

    Currently I work 10-4 which is bloody 10/10 for childcare hours however it’s obviously not always that easy.

    Good Luck everyone who reads this incredibly ridiculously long message! – I hope it helps someone (message me if you wish).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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