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    My ex fetched my son back today & it was very apparent my ex had been up all night (He stunk, his eyes were bloodshot, his speech sounded different, he looked grubby). He has fetched him in a taxi with a guy I didn’t know. (My ex drives so obviously he was ****** if he had to get a taxi…he claims he was having car trouble). The guy who looks ****** admits he has been up all night at a mutual friends (known for drinking & drug parties).  My son is grubby, in the same clothes he was wearing yesterday food all down him & he was missing a shoe.


    I am absolutely livid. My ex fetched him back later than planned, didn’t contact me to let me know so I’ve been waiting over an hour for them, he wouldn’t tell me where they were, and then stopped answering his phone. Then he turns up in a taxi like this.


    So my 1 year old son has been at a drink/drug fueled party last night. It’s disgusting. I’m so angry and pissed off.


    I’ve told my ex he will not be having our son overnight again as I do not trust him. He can book a mediation session to discuss or he can take me to court and I will ask for a drugs test. Is this even possible? Can I actually do this?



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