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    Hello don’t know if you can answer this but me and my ex split up 4 years ago. We were not married and both agreed on 4 nights with me and 3 nights with his dad. Right from when my daughter was born I claimed child benefit. A year after we split my ex put a claim in for my child benefit so I asked why and he said so he could get help in getting a council house as he needs to be the one showing he receives child benefit. He said he would pay me the child benefit every month as it’s not the money he is after its the status of having the benefit paid to him. So I notified HMRC straight away of his intentions and said I agree to surrender it to help him out for now if they were ok with this and the reasons why and he promised in turn that once he was in a stable relationship again I would be able to claim it back. Well now is that time and instead of allowing me to have it he is fighting for it. Am I likely not to get it back now or am I within the best chance. Alot of people tell me I will get it back no problem as I originally had it and did it as a good will gesture. Cannot believe I put my trust into him. I was warned not to.

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