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    I left my ex 6 weeks ago, we have 4 kids together who are 5 and under, it’s been very difficult for the first 2 weeks I stayed at my mums because he refused to leave I managed to change the locks which he then tried to kick down, I stayed at my mums a further 2 weeks because I was too scared to come home, police have been called countless of times from him trying to kick my door down and then because him and his mum were harrasing me, I went through a solicitor so he gets to video call them 3 x which has been in for approx 2 weeks (the 2 weeks previous to that he only called once and seen them once his choice) and then when lockdown is lifted he can have supervised visit one day on the weekend to which his first response was I have work once lockdown is lifted (he does have days off) when he video calls he puts on such a front like he’s the best dad ever but he’s such a vile horrible person who constantly shouted at the kids when we were together the kids aren’t bothered when he calls either, I really hope that when he gets back to work hell get bored and leave me and the kids alone.

    Please don’t judge I left because of domestic abuse and it was the best thing I’ve ever done and the kids and so happy and finally thriving. Has anyone been through similar? Xx

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    Sounds like my dad. And I was definitely better off for not having him around. Not something true in every case I hasten to add,  but some parents are toxic, its true. Once I was old enough to choose for myself I told him to take a hike. So did my sister. But I’m glad my mum didn’t make that choice for us.

    He may always have times where he wants to play dad, but if he’s anything like mine they will be few and far between. My dad lost interest in us as we got older too.

    If he’s already given himself the out of “I work” for when lock down is lifted that’s probably all the info you need. It’s his responsibility to fail not yours to take away but he’s already making excuses and you’ve not even arranged it with him yet!

    Stay safe x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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