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    Good evening.

    I know about this organisation from my father who used to bring myself and my sisters to the gingerbread cabin in Doncaster waaaaay back when when my mother sadly passed.. I was only 9 and very very happy to see gingerbread still active.

    Sadly my little boys mummy passed away last year. It hit us both so hard but we fight on

    I say fight because my son Leo is 7 and at 3 weeks of age he was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis.. A, potentially life limiting disease.

    He is profoundly deaf too but can hear and communicate just like the rest of us with his processors on.

    As if this wasn’t enough for the poor might to deal with he was diagnosed (last week).. With type 1 diabetes!!!!!!!… Just what I need 😒…

    We have just come out of hospital.. The care for both diseases is going be be so so tough but I will do my damdest to succeed

    I was just wondering if anybody on here can share any advice on dealing with little ones with complex needs all by yourself 😔


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    Hi sorry to hear about your situation. It has it’s challenges to be a solo parent even to a healthy child. Do you have family or friends around to talk to? I know it’s very difficult to ask for help especially when people you’re close to say no, but I think you have to keep asking. Also in your situation I think you’ll need counselling to get through it. Are you in any organisations which may have people you can ask for help? It’s important to spend some time on yourself for relaxation, although I hardly ever do that but I do go to a travel group every two months. I do get regular exercise talking my girl out and that’s important. It may help to try to think positive too and write down two things you’re grateful for every day. If you work could you maybe reduce work to part time? Good luck with everything. Sarah x

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    I am kind of in similar boat. My husband passed away 2016. I have 3 and half years old boy who inherited the condition from him. Its connective tissue disorder and affects a lot of organs  including heart. He is on beta blockers now and we go for check ups regularly.


    Cant give advice. But just wanted to say its beyond terrible having all these things going on. Widowhood, child with medical condition. Plus no do it all by yourself.


    I guess we can only try our best.


    Hang in there.

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    This is the place to talk speechless e4 your mind is still yours and your son has you I’m truly sorry for the loss of your wife I have a disabled daughter I try treat her the same as anyone as everyone else treats her differently stay strong and take all support 😊

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    Hi lion,

    I have just joined and iv read your message, I really feel for you and offer you my deepest sympathy with your loss.  It takes someone strong to reach out and put yourself out there with your personal circumstances so that in its self is an achievement for you, be kind to yourself.

    Yes, charities seem an easily accessible great option for support, I really hope you can find the support you need.  I have suffered the loss of my mother when I was 13 and than supported my dad to run the farm and my younger sister.  Life has thrown a lot of worry and uncertainty at me since and now I’m a single mum. but we must all find a way forwards together, I will let you know if I hear of anything that would be of support to you. In meantime I’m here for you to message OK.  Maria x

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    Thank you so so much for all of your kind words of support and thoughts

    I am taking each day as its comes and staying as, strong as I can be 😏..

    My son plays Alot of football and so trying to Bury myself in the sport we both love… It also gets me out meeting other people.

    Thank you again to each and every one of you who kindly responded xxxx

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    My son and daughter love football I hate it   You have each other and keep talking about his mum 😊 keep chatting to people on here 😊

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    Thank you Nigel…

    I appreciate it mate.. I really do

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    No words of advice I’m afraid as thankfully never had to experience any of what you have but just a quick note to say I read your post and you are an inspiration and reminder to many how lucky we are. Stay strong.

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