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    I was widowed in July, after 22 years together so I’m now a single parent to a 9 and 3 year old. I’m managing to cope alone but really miss having that special person in my life. I’ve joined some dating websites but just seem to be attracting the wrong type of people. Has anyone got any experience of how you move on?

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    Hi Lisa8097

    Thanks for posting – it can be difficult to work out how to move on after bereavement or separation. This online community can be a great way of making connections with other parents and I’m sure the parents on here will be happy to share their experiences and offer support to you.

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    May I ask your age? Judging by your photo you look a bit young for me,but I would rather ask than wonder forever. I am 54 and have a 10 year old son living with me because his mum passed away a few years ago. It was quite shocking for a 7 year old to take in and quite a time for him to understand she was not coming back. Today,Mother`s Day and we have just had a quiet day of reflection. Anytime he wishes to speak about his mum I just listen and try to answer as best as I can. In our home we have a small memory corner,although a painful memory it also gives comfort that he did have a mum,and it reminds him of how much she cared for him. Personally I do not think it is a good idea to erase the past but to respect it and treasure it is best.

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    Hi, I am 43 x

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    Hi Lisa, I’m sorry to read about your loss.

    I know how rubbish dating sites can be, especially the free ones like POF, too many people just use them as entertainment when their bored or to get a kick out of attracting someone and then moving on to their next victim purely as an ego boost. However having said that there are genuine people that use them although they are the minority, it’s just a case of listening to your gut feelings and if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to drop whoever it is that you’re talking to, this can be hard as many will say all the right things until they get whatever they are after but I do find its better to be cynical and listen to that inner voice. Perseverance is key to it all, when you find you’re talking to someone and it doesn’t feel right get shot of them, shrug your shoulders and move on, everyone that’s genuine will go through the same things as you so remember it’s nothing personal.

    Hope this helps


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    I personally don’t think online dating is good for anybody really. Meeting people in real life is so much better.

    I haven’t experience the loss of a partner by death but I know its better to meet people in person and smile and chat. You don’t feel that electricity on screen 😀

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    Hi Mark, thanks for your message, I know there are some genuine people on dating sites – it’s just finding them! I’ve deleted myself off POF but trying my luck at Tinder now x

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