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    When we got togeather he hadn’t initially said he was married but when he did he said his relationship was over with her and it could not be reconciled.  Part of the reason apprently was they had to deal with so much in terms of her not being able to concieve.  And his families treatment towards her.

    I got pregnant planned pregnancy 3 years down the line no reason to suspect anything as he said he would file for divorce little did I know he actually had no intention of divorcing. I recently found out from his sister and youngest brother that he had told all of them I was ok with him staying married. I have spent almost evey weekend at my parents up until I tracked where he was going   Last September we went to his sisters house and an incident happened that shook me up and I have said I won’t be going again.  Our 1st child wanted to go to the bathroom so she went and my partner popped our then baby on my lap.  As his wife came and he set eye upon her he quickley came to me and grabbed our baby and ran towards the stairs. At this point I did not know who the woman was.  She went running towards him for a few seconds then back towards his sister.  Later I was told it was his wife by his niece.  Who maintains my partner is a compulsive liar and said not to be taken for a mug. And said she can’t see him divorcing and it does not have anything to do with the culture.


    I am fed up of lie covering lies and I just do not trust him at all.   I spoke to a solicitor with regards to the health visior expressing concern for him taking the girls they mentioned a child arragements order.  I said I do not think he would do that.  I am back at work in 2 months and am waiting although I am tempted to break it off now.   His behaviour is similar to that of an antisocial personality disorder like a narcassist or sociaopath.  He doesn’t seem to want to sort it out and we have arguments  he won’t divorce and insists that he has not been sleeping with his wife weekends he has been there.  He really expects me to beleive that saying she is pious and using her age as they are muslim Benaglis.  I have noticed he always pulls at something emotional to try to justify his being married.  He gives her moral support as she has depression and a bad back.   When I had a bad back he was off quicker than anything said he had to go for a blood test and ask his emloyer if he can have time off to care for me.   Then went and got my dad who was not impressed.  At any ome time it took me 2 minutes nearly to get up.  I have told him he is emotionally disconnected and he is insistant he wants to be here.   I said if you want your wife go back to her. Still he is here so now its time to tell him to go as the atmosphere is toxic.

    At the moment I am financially dependant upon him so I am not sure if I I should just bite the bullet and hope that benefits will work out.  Or bite my lip and wait till I am back at work.

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