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    Men these days keep making that mistake of masking moves that would end up costing him someone priceless. You have a good woman and you leave her because if your stupid selfish wants forgetting she has been there from the start. Why let her leave? If she’s a good woman, if she does everything a man’s woman is supposed to do, why let such a priceless person leave?

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    I suppose they think they grass is greener…. then realise it’s actually isn’t. By the time they’ve realised this, it’s too late 🤦‍♀️

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    You are right Lulu. They think the grass is greener but then later on, they realize it isn’t only to find out that it is too late. Have you been in such a situation before Lulu?

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    I’m in the situation right now and let me tell ya it isn’t limited to men. The grass is greener situation can arise with women as well – together 10+ years with two amazing kids and she appears to have shacked up with my best mate not two minutes after we split.

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    Don’t think people realise at the time,maybe due to them been angry with the person,I think people are quick to just throw away relationships today ,it’s like there disposable it’s sad and especially if kids are involved.

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    No two sparkles are ever the same.

    People need to cherish what they have no matter how dim.

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    Mr dad my husband has done the same couple months after seperation he is with my best friend.  How do you cope with the thought of them it’s driving me crazy.  And  when he has the kids (they won’t sleep over with him just go out for the day) he keeps bringing her and her kid with his sister as well.  It’s make me mad like she has took my place and has no repercussions.

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