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    Hi, just wondering if anyone would have experience of this. We broke up after 20 years together 6 weeks ago and I’ve been fine about it, it was a long time coming and I have accepted the marriage is over but suddenly the last 3 days I started feeling down. I had this idea that he was seeing someone new so I called and asked him as I was feeling really anxious, anyway there’s no one new but just can’t shake this feeling of sadness . Is it normal to feel this way six weeks later? We have a child together and he speaks to her every night but I’ve had no contact with him other than this. Feel like I’m losing my mind as I was coping really well. Would love to hear what your thoughts are on this tia

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    A marriage break up is like a death of a loved one,as that person shared a big part of your life,you are gona have good days but you will have bad days as well,it’s natural to have these feelings,its called healing,a lot of people bypass these feelings by jumping into a new relationship,Give yourself time as 6 weeks is early still,usually takes 12months for those feelings to go away,don’t worry so much about what your EX is doing concentrate on your self,but your feelings are normal but will disappear in time

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    6 weeks is no time atall!!

    I’m 7 months down the line, although he only moved out 4 months ago..after an 18yr relationship and some days I am still in bits 😭

    Be kind to yourself, as the other poster said, it is like mourning.. It will take a long long time to accept and come to terms with x

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    Hi , . feeling the same . This is completely normal. Break ups can take a really long time I completely get over. And it depends so much on so many different things ow long it will take to get over someone.

    So my kids dad I hated by the end of the relationship I was over him before I left. (Which suggests I may never have really loved him but thats a whole other thread lol)

    My most recent partner however I broke with in November and I am still head over heels in love with him and it takes every ounce of strength not to contact him and FB stalk him. We are actually still in contact and I know this is toxic but it hurts so much less when we talk even if we are arguing.

    I’ve even been online dating. (Messages only of course) but I know I’m not ready to meet someone else I don’t really want to but it just makes me feel like I’m at least trying to move away from.my ex and take my mind off of him for a second

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    I seperated in January from my husband, even though it was my decision to end the marriage after 16 years. I feel really low and the loneliness is awful. I don’t think lockdown has helped, as I’ve been furloughed so not worked and I’m at home with 2 children trying to homeschool and try and cope with my own feelings. I’ve never cried so much. I totally understand how your feeling xx

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    My partner of 16years too left out of the blue at Easter and I still cry most days. All I know is it’s like grief, so you have to be able to cry have the good and bad days (I know myself more bad than good) I ended up calling my doctor and she has been really good in calling me at scheduled times etc. I’ve found talking with a friend or family member helps too. I can’t say when you will feel better as it’s just time but I’ve found this forum so useful as it makes you realise you aren’t on your own (especially with how isolating lockdown has been)

    here if anyone wants a chat or to create a group


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    I’m into my fourth week now and the pain is unbearable. The only time I don’t hurt is when I’m in bed, curtains drawn, pretending the world outside doesn’t exist… which is all day, every day.

    I’ve also experienced my first ever panic attack during this time. I’ve lost about 18lbs in that time, too.

    I can only see one way out of this pain. 😒

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    Hi Effusive

    I will be contacting you with a private message which will have some useful agencies that may be able to provide you with support.  Hopefully you will all be able to empathise with each others situations and give each other support.

    Kind regards, Justine

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