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    I am just trying to see where I stand in terms of changing my daughters address at her school and doctors.

    Basically when me and my daughters dad split years ago he took me to court saying I was refusing contact when I wasnt. The courts could see that was not the case and said we were to go to mediation to arrange suitable access of which we did.

    It has always been 50/50 as we both agree this is best.

    2years after court we got back together but after a 2 years we split but continued to have 50/50

    I moved out with my daughter yet kept her address at his for schooling and doctors because of catchment area.

    I have recently said I would like to change doctors as now where I live a new surgery is opening up and again requested we change her address to mine as he will be moving and we dont need to worry about catchment area in terms of schooling.

    We have always been amicable in care for our daughter we attend everything together school parents evening hospital appointments and so forth.

    My daughters dad is now refusing that we change the address to mine even though he is moving ?

    I recieve the child benefit I also recieve dla for her of which I give him half as it’s fair as he has her 50/50

    All i want to do is change address now does anyone see this as a problem as his was used for reason i state above for catchment etc

    Am i entitled to change it? As he would need to change doctors anyway as he will be moving out of  catchment area.

    We will still be 50/50 when he moves so that will in no way change.

    Sorry for long post.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    You say that your ex is moving outside the catchment area? Is he moving far and will it impact on getting your daughter to and from school?

    I don’t know how old your child is but if you will be applying for Secondary schools at some point and the address used is his, this could impact your choice of schools.

    Sorry to sound thick but residency is exactly 50/50?

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes he will be moving out of catchment area but will have no impact on schooling or getting to school .

    We will be applying for secondary school next year and again where he is moving to currently there is only one secondary school the rest are within my catchment and we have spoke of this before agreeing which one we prefer( his other daughter attended) and said we will use my address here.

    To me it makes sense if there is to be an address change in terms of school/ doctors now it will be easier to use mine looking forward.

    In terms of having our daughter equally that will never ever change we agreed on that ourselves as it is the right thing to do and best for our daughter.

    I just dont quite understand why now he is refusing or what the problem is?

    That’s why I’m asking for advice and to see if anyone else sees a problem in this.


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