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    Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of help and advice from anyone in a similar situation?

    My husband and I separated in September and since then I have been living at my parents with my two children. He wouldn’t/couldn’t go anywhere else and I couldn’t stay in the home until it sells (he has a new girlfriend).

    The house is in the process of being sold and I am lucky enough to be buying a new property.

    We agreed that I would continue to pay half of the mortgage and he would pay the household bills seeing as he is living there. The kids stay over around 2 nights per week on average. He hasn’t paid me any child maintenance yet.

    When I move into my new house, he is complaining that I am leaving him with responsibility for all the bills on the family home – there has been a hold up with the house sale and I’m moving into my house before.

    I know I have to continue to pay half of the mortgage as my name is on it – we have negotiated with the bank to have a payment break of 4 months.

    I don’t understand why he thinks he’s getting a rough deal having to pay the bills on the family home?!!! I’m not living there and the kids aren’t there much.

    Anyone have any experience of this? Any advice??

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    If he has a new gf and she is the reason you and the kids cant stay in the family home, as your name is on the mortgage I’m pretty sure you are entitled to charge her rent.

    I dont know the full circumstances of your split but if the above is true I’d say write to every single utility company and ask for copies of all bills in duplicate since you moved out, ditto for mortgage, just so you have then if things get rough when it cones to divorce.

    Get your name off them as you aren’t living there as Anonymous said above…weather you decide to contribute or not is up to you, butthey key is not being legally accountable.

    If you default on payments even on a joint bill it affects your credit score which you dont want….especially the mortgage as it’s still partly in your name.

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    Thanks both of you for your advice.

    My name is on the mortgage but I need to check all the other bills. I used to manage all the finances so I transferred it all into his name and account when I moved, with his agreement, although I think I may be named on some of them. Not council tax as he has single person discount now.

    My solicitor has advised I am entitled to charge rent but I don’t want to do that at this point. His new girlfriend hasn’t moved in. She’s German and lives in Germany but has been to stay in our house. We do not agree on the impact of his new relation the children and this is the focus of mediation for me.

    I have said I am willing to wait for maintenance until the house sale goes through but if it doesn’t I’m not sure what timescale to put on this as he can’t afford the house and CMS.

    Tough times 😔

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