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    Hi there, I’ve written a post a while ago about my situation. It was about how lonely I felt because of my ex turning everyone to think I’m mentally unwell when he has been messing up with my head for a very long time (emotional/mental abuse) His tactic would be everytime I would loose my head because he was being very unfair he would point finger and say I’m unwell. an example from recently would be that he tried again to be nice to me, we tried to talk. I told him I’ve been scared of him, he says I’m lying, I’ve told him to not touch me about 6 times and on the fifth I shouted, he would again use it, why do you shout at me I’m trying to be nice. Every time I say anything it’s a lie and every time I loose my head saying I’m not lying is “stop shouting” there’s nothing to do.

    Now apparently someone found my post and passed it to my ex. I’ve gone away for a weekend two hours away from my home with my baby love to meet a nice woman, my ex called this woman (thanks to the post) repetitively until she told him to stop, he called the police on me saying I’m psychotic and suicidal (so they would do something) and well I ended up stuck the whole weekend with this poor girl stuck in her house waiting for the police. I only wanted a weekend to relax away from the trouble and the trouble followed me.

    Id like to know who did this, hoever did it I probably know you. Honestly, why? when you have no idea what’s going on, This is very hard for me to get through and I’m right here writing because I keep on getting paranoid who is it and why, a lot of women suffers from this sort of situation, even men.

    Liam said I’ve lied, he says it a lot, the post was 100% the truth, I am a very honest person and I don’t see why I would lie about being abused when I have a baby boy to take care of. The truth is I am much better since my ex is gone that explains a lot.

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    yes your right, online forums are not private. if your using your real name as your username and revealing peoples names in your posts, then it’s very obvious. it’s very bad practice. I am a member of some facebook groups and often I see ex partners stalking and harassing each other! it’s better to be anonymous online and only give a basic description of your situation.

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    Hey thanks Steve, I know I’ve done wrong, I just can’t lie, I couldn’t think of a fake name and stupidly put my real name. I’ve never spoke in Internet forums before and well this happened, someone even scammed me in this web.

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    Hi Mayabee,

    Sorry to hear your relationship with your ex was emotionally abusive. Sounds like classic coercive control & crazy-making gaslighting tactics to treat you so unhealthily, deny any wrong doing or a accountability & then say you are unwell, or set these harmful narratives. It’s great you have escaped this.

    It’s not uncommon for abusers to try to continue abuse after you have left them & is vital to have professional support to understand, heal & overcome their behaviours… Highly recommend contacting the national domestic abuse helpline, they have an online chat too… & should be able to give you specific advice & connect you to local services who can directly help you with this.

    We can all make mistakes & it’s not a crime to be naive, but moving forwards it might be a good idea to keep a record of everything said & create a new anonymous account for here or anywhere else you may of been stalked or harassed.

    Best of luck



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