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    Who do you all talk to when it just gets too much?

    I feel like I’m always listening to other people’s problems and things going on in their life, I seem to be always doing stuff for other people but when it comes to it, I need someone to listen to my worries and stresses. I’m feeling forgotten. I have no one who cares or just says how are you?
    I had my whole day planned today, a day for me to enjoy getting Christmas bits done…. my eldest has decided to ruin it all and make me feel totally unappreciated. Currently staying in bed today as the day is now ruined.

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    I’ve just dragged myself in the shower! Completely unmotivated to do anything- apart from waiting to pick my 16 year old daughter up from a party she was at last night…. I can’t even face the whole first Christmas thing- heading back to my parents for it so don’t even think I’ll put any decorations up

    I have a couple of really great friends- who I fire everything to in a WhatsApp rant, all the stuff I would say to my STBX- sometimes they respond, sometimes it’s just the fact that I’ve said it makes me feel a whole lot better.
    Teenagers lives revolve around themselves, they will only share what they want too- and they can have very selfish moments without realising the knock on effects, have your rant on here, I’m pretty new to the forum but no one appears to judge

    take time for you, continue with what you had planned- look after number one (might heed the advice myself)

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    My daughters are 12 and 16, life is all about them and what they want. I do everything and take them wherever they want to go but today was a free day, my eldest asked me in front of her boyfriend if he could stay over last night ( downstairs) because he didn’t feel well enough to ride home, so I felt compelled to say yes, now I can’t get on with anything and really don’t want to either. I’ve got to go and pick my youngest up from her fathers soon as he doesn’t drive (or work) I just feel I exist todo everything for everyone else…

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    Hi Sam2512

    How are you, how was your day?

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