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    having the week from hell, my eldest son hasn’t been happy for some time when visiting his dads house twice a week finds it boring. I spoke with my ex and told him this a few months ago but still my son is unhappy 😔 so we sat down this week with my ex and my son told him that it’s boring with nothing to do whilst he is there. His dad said okay and walked out…. my son is a wreck wanting things to go back to how they were when he was younger!! How can I help him??

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    Your ex isn’t exactly helpful, is he! How old is your son?

    what would he like to do?  Does he play on-line games Minecraft etc? Does your ex not have internet? Or does your son want to be more sporty – football or cycling? Can he take his bike to his dad’s and they cycle together.

    My ex has no imagination so I organised things for when they are together. My ex has our son on Sundays so I organised a karate class. Ex needs to get him there, can sit and watch, or join in, and take him home. son is not bored.

    or I’d send son along with project from school – the last topic was Mexico and they had to make some Mexican food so I sent a recipe for enchiladas. They shopped for ingredients, made the food between them and had to take photos.

    it takes some planning and I get annoyed that ex is so bone idle he won’t make the effort, but I’d rather my son was happy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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