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    There seems to be a conflict of interest with the school. The court order states indirect contact. The school are telling me they can not encourage the children or influence them in anyway. The purpose of the school was to be an intermediary. I think my ex-husband is using the order to control the school. I believe his communication with the school is confidential and so they can’t disclose to me.  The headmaster has told me he has been informed not to encourage my children with contact. Can someone explain where the school has go this directive from?

    My ex-husband took my children via the court system because I suffered a mental breakdown after many years of psychological abuse from him. I was too unwell to represent myself well in court.  I am now recovered and am classed as a “fit mother”. His psychological abuse now continues with the parental alienation.

    I am trying desperately to find my way through the red tape. To have someone linked to the family who can assist with the communication. My ex-husband refuses any communication with me. I am left completely in the dark about my children’s views and opinions about our indirect contact via school emails.

    I think this is a prime example of parent alienation. I think the school has a duty of care towards my children to report this, as its child abuse.

    Does anyone know where the school gets its legal advice? Is there a body?



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    with the indirect contact you have with kids, is it in form of phone calls, letters? some schools are very helpful and act as intermediary to arrange child contact, because they know its good for kids development. some schools can just be jerks and favour one parent over another. not sure where they get their guidance from. if your a fit mother then perhaps you could go back to court and apply for normal contact, like see kids on weekends etc? when was last time you were in court?

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