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    Hi, I’m new to Gingerbread but am struggling to find definitive answers for this question anywhere.

    My now ex of 6 weeks or so is being very difficult about leaving the property.

    He is Not on the tenancy agreement but has been paying towards rent and bills since moving in September 2020. Things went downhill very quickly after moving in and I ended the relationship. I gave him a few weeks to sort himself out as he has his access with his kids here every 2 weeks and thought that only fair.

    He was trying to get a shared ownership place but this has fallen through. I have now given him 2 weeks to leave as his behaviour is irratic and upsetting, he’s angry and upset which I get but its causing distress in my kids 7 and 13. My daughter, 13, has profound multiple learning difficulties and a number of health issues. The stress of the situation is too much for me now.

    My question really is does he have a legal way of staying now even if I’ve given him 2 weeks in writing? He’s had more verbally but I appreciate that I am unable to prove that. He is very litigious with his ex wife and I worry he will try to find a way to stay. We have no kids together thankfully.

    Any help or links to some kind of definitive proof he has no write to stay here would be great thanks.

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    He’s not the father to your children and he isn’t sure n the tenancy agreement, he has no right to be there! And should leave. He’s only lived there for 8months.

    change the locks and dump his stuff in the street! If he turns up call the police

    Or call the non emergency police line and ask them to remove him from YOUR Home.


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    You can applu or ocupational order.i dont know ins and outs of your relathionship…so it depends..

    I know that its more difficult if they like that..my ex was asked my social.services to leave and he refused..they couldnt do anything about it so i left..i m in temp accomadation and he stayed in our lovely house and his new partner sleeps in my bed! Hope youra will work out better…

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    You don’t need an occupational order. He has no claim to your home at all ! He’s not listed as a tenancy agreement, so if you ask him to leave and he says no, ask the police to remove him. he has no rights whatsoever.

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