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    My ex remarried a year ago. He brought his new wife to this country in November. During the past year he has gradually stopped being a hands on dad. We have two children together. Now he rarely see his children. He does live close by. It’s a loss to my children. There is a degree of resignation amongst my children and I. Anyone had this experience?

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    Hi. Not quite the same, but I have two boys 12 & 9. My ex got a new bloke very soon after separation and wanted the boys to meet him. She tried forcing the issue but I stopped it. One day in August she tricked them into meeting him, he spent the next two nights in the hotel with them and then has been at her house 6 out of 7 nights consistently. She then went in holiday with him twice and didn’t have a holiday with them and has gradually pushed, especially my eldest out by choosing her bloke over the needs of my eldest. Therefore he now lives with me full time and doesn’t want to spend anytime with her. Some people are just selfish and ignorant I’m afraid.

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    My daughter’s father always chose relationships over her. He moved 300 miles for his first serious girlfriend and stayed in the same area since they split up, shortly after the birth of their child. He got someone else pregnant and as far as I know he has nothing to do with his youngest biological child, his middle child gets the usual every other weekend and my daughters visits have dwindled to every other month for a weekend. He is living with a woman who has two kids to someone else, and to the casual observer he seems to be the ideal step-parent. Some people are only ever in it for themselves.

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    Hi Judith, It happened to me. My ex and I spilt when my twin boys were 3yrs old. Then he met a woman who didn’t like him visiting the boys at my home. All of a sudden he stopped seeing them. It did effect them, but with lots of love from me they grew up to be happy young men. They are now 27yrs old, but doesn’t want anything to do with their dad. Just keep your children busy, give them lots of love, do activities with them and maybe find a positive male role model like a dad, grandad or uncle. I didn’t have any men around them to confuse them, only male relatives. It’s his loss!

    Susie 😉


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    Thank you to you all for replying. It’s good to know I’m not alone. My children and I have become closer as a result and I love and support them, alongside their grandparents and wider family and friends.

    My dad said I’d **** my kids up when we spilt up. I hate to say that they’re turning out just fine. They are 14 and 11.

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