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    My partners son is 18, and will turn 19 in September .

    Can anyone confirm when child maintenance should end as I have been told 30th September, 30th August or could it even be when the college term finishes.

    Advice gratefully received


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    Thanks Anonymous.  We do intend supporting him directly at uni (but would be nice if he took the time to speak to his dad ! All one way at the moment but guess that’s kids for you – just been a long ‘phase’) Also difficult when his mum doesn’t give him much and we pay £750 per month but he has holes in his clothes …..

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    Hi  there,

    Maintenance is payable for the entire time you receive child benefit. If your son will be entering into advance education ie uni, then the maintenance will stop as well as the child benefit.

    If your child goes into non advanced post 18 education then it will continue until they’re 20 ie when child benefit will stop

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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