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    Decided to split from my wife 3 weeks ago. Planning to move out into rented accomodation on 5th Jan. We are about to start mediation to decide what happends to the jointly owned (mortgaged) house and other assets.

    We’ve always used a joint account for bills and spending, even though I earn more than my wife. I’d like to start operating from a personal account, and pay her monthly what’s due.

    I am jointly liable for the mortgage.

    I shall be liable for child maintenance payments.

    I may be liable for spousal maintenance (TBC)

    I believe once I move out all I need to do is pay her half the mortgage and the notional child maintenance payments – this is regardless of the mediation which I don’t expect to conclude for some time.

    Am I correct in my assumptions of what I am liable for at this time, premediation/divorce?

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    I separated 15 months ago. We still have a joint account where everything’s paid out of. We both also still pay the same amount into the joint account as when we were together. As far as I’m aware, ex does have the right to drop this to the minimum (but I think he has kept it constant to look good for court).


    Hope this helps x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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