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    I had a private arrangement for the father of my two girls to pay child maintenance, but he stopped paying anything 2 months ago and said that because he is not working, he is nil assessed by CMS.  I haven’t pursued it further because I phoned them and they said he is nil assessed.  I have no evidence of what his income is, and have taken up a second job to keep afloat.  Feeling very frustrated that there is nothing I can do but I need evidence to say that I am a single parent and struggling financially.  Any advice please?

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    @Ant what’s a financial remedy application. I’m in a similar situation ex didn’t make  single payment and then left his job Nd went unemployed. CmS have him as nil benefit…

    Soooooo frustrating when I know this person is clearly living their best life without declaring an income and not paying a penny for his 2 kids

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    Hi all

    Our Single Parent Helpline will have trained advisers that can help you to explore your options.  They will be busy so please expect to wait a short while before your call is answered, but all calls will be free.  Good luck.



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    Thank you for your all your messages.  The father still has contact and sadly I have to be tactical and not go the court route because He will be difficult and unhelpful with looking after his own children to spite me.  He collects the girls after school on Friday so that I can either have a free day to myself or work as a private carer on a flexible basis.  I work during the week and I collect the girls from my mum.  If I jeopardise this he will not be helpful.  It’s a legacy of manipulation and I have to keep on his good side otherwise it’s difficult for child care.  I am going to open up a case with CMS as suggested so that its recorded.  He has no benefits as fell off his bike dislocated his shoulder and waiting for a tribunal because his ESA was stopped.. he told me this coud take up to 6 months to 12 months.  He is with a new partner and expecting a child in December.

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