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    My ex wife and I have just finished our court hearing. The trial was yesterday, the judge ordered every other weekend (Friday from school to Monday) with me (their father).

    The trial finished late afternoon and an email followed with an outline of the order. Although not the order itself.


    My question is, is the order now live and active? Do I get my kids next weekend or do I need to wait for the legal paperwork to arrive?

    My ex is saying that as the order was made mid way through the ‘shared’ time, that it doesn’t start next week. Who is right?

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    I would say the order starts right away, that’s how we have always done it after a hearing anyway.

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    this is something that should have been cleared up on the day of hearing. When I went through this, I double checked with court and ex’s barrister on when the new arrangements take place. does your ex have a solicitor? you can contact them. I did not wait for the court papers to arrive in post before starting new arrangements. the papers arrived around 7 weeks later!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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