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    Hi, I’m new here and I expect this has been discussed many times already so apologies for that!
    My daughter is 17 and missed a year in education because she has significant mental health issues (she is under Camhs). Her dad has said he will stop paying maintenance when she is 18 even though she will still be in FT education.
    I can’t find where on the government website it says that maintenance should be paid until the child is 19 if they are in education which I believe is the case. He will challenge it so I need to have a credible source. Can anyone direct me to this info from an official source? Thankyou.

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    oh hi sweetie that sounds difficult to handle

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    Hi Retromum

    From what I can see, it looks like 20 if they are in education. Perhaps it could be stretched a bit if she’s missed a year on health grounds, but not sure about that bit.


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    I found this online hope it helps

    If a child is 18 years old or over and suffers from physical or other disabilities then that child is still entitled to child maintenance. If the child does not have sufficient capacity to apply to the court themselves then a parent may do this on their behalf.

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    Thanks everyone. I don’t really want to go to court with it because I don’t have the resources (he does). Hopefully I can show him the ‘official’ line and he’ll do the right thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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