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    Hi there , I’ve posted a few times on here.

    Im a dad that wants to see his son I live 5-10 mins away from my son and my ex wife.

    During COVID my hours have changed and unfortunately possible redundancies will happen. Hopefully not me. It’s likely that 6-2 will stay the same for me but I may be able to request a later start time for a couple of days or if I was lucky a week. So I was just wondering what you work, when do you see your kids and any difficulties. I really miss the sleep overs .

    My son is 4 now and starts school in September so I’m eager to get something in place. I have a meeting on 24th August re job so hopefully I can ask and be flexible.

    Currently I see my son

    Monday’s 230pm – 630pm

    Wednesday • pick up from pre school at 4pm- 630pm

    every other weekend.

    Sunday Morning – football training 9-11am ( regardless of who’s weekend)

    Any suggestions for me ? He can attend breakfast club at his new school opens at 730am and also after school club until 530pm.

    id like a few ideas that I can put forward to my ex wife and my boss.

    family and my son means a lot to me.




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    Maybe first off negotiate an overnight in the week instead of just a pick up.  That’s we i did when my two youngest were 4 and 6 as just two hours was a rush for everyone, now they are older (6 and 9) they go to their dad two consecutive nights in the week and every other weekend as per the court order i requested, unfortunately i still have to pick them up from school on the two days they don’t sleep at home during the week as my ex refuses to change his hours to accommodate them and says it’s my problem if i can’t get them into school club so i am unable to increase my hours at work as i had planned but at least i get to see them almost every day.

    If the one night during the week goes well maybe in a few months look to increase it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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