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    I’ve had a really bad Day Today

    Im in the process of getting divorced and just feel worthless

    I feel I’m forcing myself through the Day

    I’m sad and felt I was doing so well but feel like I’m back to square one!

    Just wondering when it gets easier

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    Hi S

    I promise you it does get better overtime.

    I was with her for 23 years and now I have the 3 kids and she’s gone.

    It was the different emotions that got me. The hurt

    The confusion

    The anger and loss. Over and over again.

    Unfortunately all theses turned into hatred not a nice emotion I agree but never the less.

    But as I say it does get better. I still do have the odd wobble now and again but no where as intense as before.

    It’s easy for people to say it does get better but as you will see from mthis wonderful forum a lot of people are or have gone through a very similar thing.

    You have to stay strong for yourself and those who depend on you.

    As time goes on you will learn how to recognise when a wobble is about to happen when I do I will occupy my mind with something like housework a trip to the local shop (that my favourite as it get me out the house)😁

    Remember it’s the change to our daily routine that for me was the biggest adjustment to make

    Take care


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    Hi Sylvia

    I’m sorry to hear this, I feel for you. Had the same today. Moved the last of my things out of the marital home – had been ok for a good few weeks before today, but woke up this morning with a massive wave of sadness.

    The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to sit down and just let the wave wash over you; it’s not nice, but just wait for it to pass. Then, write down the thoughts you had, and then put some ideas and positive thoughts for the future by each one.

    Don’t forget – you are amazing, and although you do feel overwhelm right now, you’ve got this – you can and are doing a fantastic job for you and your kids.

    You are going through a really choppy sea right now, but like the storm, it will clear and you will feel better.


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    Hey Guys

    Thank you and I know your right it’s just so hard sometimes.

    I have had such a good run where I was still sad but it didn’t seem as bad and then this weekend has just been awful.

    Its just hard but your messages made me that bit better which is so good at the minute!

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    Hi Sylvia,

    I understand. I found out early April that my wife started an affair 2 months prior. We have both made mistakes in the past, but I have never cheated. We have talked, fought, cried etc but she said she doesn’t want me anymore. However she refused to move out, so I have had to live with her seeing and texting him while we share the small house ( with our 11 year old Son none the wiser). We just got back from a dream holiday, booked and paid for before this year, during which she texted him throughout each day – including explicit photos. She told me it is just messaging now, but 2 days after returning she told me she was going out for a walk, at 8.25pm, and got home at 2.10 am, having been with him(he is not single…). I cracked today and said she is moving to her mums this week, as I can’t do this anymore, it is cruel. I forced the issue by saying I would tell his girlfriend if my wife refused to leave.

    We will have to tell our Son tomorrow. Dreading it. I long to feel free though, and she will still be joint owner as we can’t afford to divorce. She will see him most days, and her parents live locally, but I feel sick thinking about my boy’s reaction tomorrow.

    I understand – however keep telling yourself you are valued, loved, and that your best days are ahead of you. Keep in touch please, especially when having a bad day.

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    Oh no!

    I really feel for you that’s awful.

    I understand what your going through.If it’s any help when we told our Son it was the worst thing  I’ve ever done and it was awful you just feel useless and like your to blame.

    I have to say he was amazing and after the initial upset he’s adapted very well.Children are very resilient and hopefully that’s helped?

    Good Luck for Tomorrow x

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