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    To cut an extremely lengthy story short, I am just over a month from a final hearing regarding residency for my daughter who should be living with her father and stepmother legally (this is likely to change at the hearing) however, my daughter came to stay with me before lockdown and has remained with me since (almost 13 weeks) with NO contact from her father AT ALL. They didnt contact her for her birthday or to check in at all during this period. As my daughter has gone back to school, I have had to buy all new school uniform on top of financing her being with me every day. I claim UC but am receiving basic amount until a final medical so things have been tight. When should I start to claim for her as no doubt her father has been in receipt of benefits for her for this amount of time. He also has previously tried claiming benefits for my eldest daughter who has never lived with him so she wont be in a rush to stop. Obviously once things are made legal, he wont be able to claim for her anyway but by then it will have been 4+ months that they’ve claimed but she has not even been there at all.


    Sorry for the extensive post, any advice would be appreciated.

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