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    It’s been a week, this time last week we’re eating a roast like a family, now he’s in his own place, probably wrapped round some tart & being a horrible, cocky bastard.

    I’m stuck in lockdown with a 4 year old & 6 months pregnant.

    I’ve no friends or family to talk to, just stuck in this shit lonely bubble thinking what’s the ******* point any more??

    I’ll be giving birth alone with no one to look after my daughter.

    I’ll be bringing them up on my own, who’s ever going to want a 41 year old with baggage?!

    Just what’s the point??

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    Sorry to hear this it’s a truly horrible feeling my husband left a month ago and iv got 4 kids to bring up now on my own and am worried to death about everything and he is bragging about his new life but it will get better in time so cruel how one day your family can just fall apart hope your ok stay strong for your children you deserve so much better.

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    This might be tough to hear but you need to sort your prioties out. What is more important to you? Your ex or your kids? Cause right now you’re talking about whats the point etc – what about your kids? You’ve got one life who is dependant on you for everything and who to them you are the centre of their universe and another life growing inside of you. That’s the point. Thats why you have to keep going no matter how tough it gets. Stop and think for a moment. What would it do to your child if you werent there for them anymore? What would happen to the baby growing inside you?

    Im a single mum to two kids and Ive dealt with the love of my life abusing me, cheating on me, abandoning me many times when I needed him, letting down our kids etc. It is shit. It leaves an anger and a bitterness that can threaten to swallow you up. But the thing that kept me going was my kids. Even when I had a new born baby and a toddler to care for by myself cause my ex had buggered off yet again and was too busy editing his tinder profile to bother helping me. I looked at my two wee ones and I thought “I need to get through this for their sake, they dont deserve this”. So I spoke to my midwives, health visitor, GP – anyone who would listen. I was honest and told them how I was feeling and why and I took the help that was offered.

    There’s no shame in struggling or asking for help. Doesnt make you any less of a person or a mother. You’re going through a tough time. But you need to want to help yourself as well. If not for your sake then for your kids sake. You’ll get through this even if it seems impossible right now.

    As for baggage – dating shouldn’t even be an added stress or worry for you right now. Focus on taking care of yourself and those babies and you never know what the future holds. When you have kids you always have love cause they will love you unconditionally. Every day you wake up in the morning means youve survived another 24 hours and youve kept going. Just take it day by day.

    Please speak to your midwife and your gp and get some help to deal with your worries and stresses right now. And stay safe

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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