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    I guess I’m asking if I should just give up. I’ve got no surviving relatives except my own children three of who disowned me when their father turned them against me. I’ve got no job and am under heavy pressure from the job centre. I think I suffer from depression but am too scared to get the help I need because I don’t want to lose my youngest child. I live three hundred miles from home away from the very few friends I have left. My home has damp and I don’t have the time or energy to clean it because I’m doing such intensive job search. My daughter has bipolar and one of my sons is autistic but I can’t get them the help they need and now their father has instilled such venom in them against me I don’t even care about their problems any more. I’m so embarrassed by my life, what’s worth hanging on to.

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    I’m so sorry you’re feeling like this. Sometimes it’s just like the blocks build up so much one little thing can make it all too much.

    Can you see if there’s any local support groups you could go to? Or some councils offer something called talking therapies you can refer yourself to without going to the doctor, I know a couple of people who’ve done this and found it really useful so might be worth a go?

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    Thanks for your kind and useful reply and I’m going to look in to the talking therapies (not sure if there’s any groups but I’ll still try).

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    Hi there


    If you don’t mind me asking what area/borough do you live in? As I know of a service where you can self refer. Have you thought about calling Samaritans or MIND anonymously? They could offer advice to you also. Hope you are able to get some support soon.

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    Hi HollywoodStunt.

    I’m Justine the moderator at Gingerbread.  I’m sorry to hear you are having a difficult time.  I will be sending you a personal email with some signposting options that hopefully will be useful for you.

    Take care


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    Twinning22 thanks for your message I am in Newcastle at the moment, long way from home but where I ended up. No I haven’t thought of the Samaritans or MIND but then I haven’t a clue about where to get help and that’s part of the problem I’ve had. It’s really isolating knowing nothing.

    Thank you as well Justine I’ll look out for it

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    Hi HollywoodStunt

    I will copy the email and private message you too.



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