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    What have other’s told their child growing up about why they only have 1 active parent? To be honest and say he’s never played the roll of a father only someone that used to say hi for a couple hrs each week and now doesn’t bother. What has the least emotional I’m packed on the child?

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    Im a single father of three. When the mother said she wanted out of a 23 year marriage and she didn’t want the kids.
    I have told my children the truth about her. I have never glossed over anything albeit a lot of people have disagreed with me.
    Be honest


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    I think it depends how old your child is. I’m assuming 7 or younger.

    I think you need to be honest and say that some people aren’t very good at being daddies, he wasn’t happy and so you’ve decided to be a family of two.

    My ds wanted details so he could join in with playground chatter – daddy’s name is Fred, he likes Man Utd, has brown eyes and is a builder or whatever. More questions will come up over time.

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    My little boy is 6 years old.  His Dad and I split up when I was 17 weeks pregnant and he has never been involved.  My little boy has started to ask a few questions, what is my Daddy’s name etc.  I have previously told him that Daddy didn’t want to be friends with mummy.  He has now asked me when his daddy stopped liking me.  I know there are going to be more questions.

    Any advice on what to say to him.



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    Again I’ve been told I shouldn’t have especially by my ex but as I couldn’t stop crying I felt I should tell our kids the truth

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    Hey there,

    Hope you are doing well.

    That’s a great question

    What I said to my boy:

    There are two types family.

    Family with 2 members and family with 3.

    I said we are a happy family and I’m your people. We are living together because your mom and I couldn’t make a happy family.

    So, we decided to live separately but both of us are care about you and your mom loves you.

    Just tell a true!



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