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    Winter Solstice

    To cut a very long story short (aware that each divorce and sad story is unique) – almost 12 months of using lawyers and no cigar, aside from Form Es exchanged.  Husband (covert narcissist) has been paying interim (what I understand is voluntary) maintenance erratically for last 6 months. Am financially on my knees so can’t afford lawyer and don’t qualify for legal aid due to equity in house, although I do for domestic abuse.  Kids under care of non statutory social services, who recently recommended no contact for a while since contact was having such a bad impact on them. Contact was remote for last 6 months anyway as husband unexpectedly took off to non REMO country to try and seek employment – and he claims still not to have an income, though his form E was shoddy to say the last, and he took over 3 months to reply to the questionnaire I raised, and his reply was also shoddy.  He also ignored a financial settlement offer I put forward when he didn’t reply to the questionnaire.  But of course now he knows I have diddly squat, am not earning as I’ve been the SAHM for the past 13 years of 3 kids, he has filed a C100 and C1a (how ironic for the latter).  While I think I can just about represent myself for the child matters, I am totally out of my depth for financial arrangements, particularly as husband is ex chartered accountant, has very complex finances and very well advised legally in his family as well as still can finance legal representation.  While I have no such representation and find it really hard to understand all his dealings – especially as I know he is not being as transparent as he presents. Should I apply for an MPS and if so how do I do that? Or what other options do i have, given that he claims he still doesn’t;t have a job overseas and has not disclosed the full extent of his assets, but I can’t prove that without doubt. The lawyer I previously used didn’t seem to push for MPS and I don’t know why.  Should I lodge a C1a of my own?  Where can I turn, as CAB have not been helpful.  Suffering from PTSD too and just finding the constant circular signposting so difficult.

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    If you cannot afford a solicitor then i recommend you search for a Mckenzie Friend who knows the legalities of Financial Settlement. Some charge £60- £100 per hour but some offer free initial advise in a consultation. These are people that have been through the court process themselves and now help others through their legal process. Some are worth their weight in gold. Also their fees are far, far cheaper than solicitors/barristers. Worth a look I say.

    Good Luck.

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    Hi Winter Solstice,

    I’m Sarah one of the Moderators here in the forum.

    I’ve added a link to the Gingerbread Info Pages where there’s a section on Getting Legal Help:  https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/information/legal-help-and-responsibilities/getting-legal-help/

    I hope that helps

    Kind regards, Sarah

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    Winter Solstice

    Thank you both for your help!

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