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    Hi guys hope everyone well

    So I have just handed my notice in at my current job as the hours went down to 7.5 and not really looking likely be able to get the 16 I need. The shop I work in has gone worse and atmosphere and staffing are poor. So fresh start needed.

    Weeks of trawling through indeed and applying. I got an interview for a new shop and I have been successful. I have just received my new hours and they have sent me into a mad stress as with regards my little boy and childcare its messing everything up. He goes to preschool 3days a week and so that’s good and my mum helps me too but I’ve been put in saturdsy Sunday morning and not ideal for me and also a late Monday. Means bedtime is to pot

    I have had to look for work as universal credit need me to stick to commitments that I’m trying tk stay in work and increase hours so I have done that but I’m noy under pressure as my mum can’t just fit her week around thus as she has a life. No father involved and family work or limited options

    What should have been exciting is now stressful. Anyone had this morning to a new job and feeling it just isn’t going to work. Do workplaces take into account childcare. I feel dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t

    Any advice welcome as I can’t process this and don’t know if hours be same every week so may be up wall every week

    Thanks guys

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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