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    me and my ex were together for 11 years.

    cut a long story short, he left me a few weeks after we found out I was pregnant ( we were actively trying for a baby)

    hes with someone else now (they were together behind my back)

    hes not on the birth certificate and he pays child maintenance which we have agreed ourselves.

    im giving him the right to see our son but he keeps going behind my back and allowing his new girlfriend to see our son. When all I’ve asked for was a bit more time when she wasn’t involved.

    Im trying to move forward with things but it’s understandabley difficult.

    i just wanted a little bit more time for things to digest etc

    i want him to see his son, but for a little while longer I just want it to be him seeing our son and not her.

    does anyone have any advice on what to do.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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