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    Yesterday, my son, who is almost 15, came to me and said “Mom, I’m a vaper now! I’ve read on VapingDaily vaping is not as dangerous as smoking real cigarettes, so don’t even try to persuade me or I’ll start smoking!”

    To be honest, I was shocked and couldn’t even make up what to answer. So I just said “I’ll talk to you later” and left.

    Does anyone have the same problem? This night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep and still don’t know what to do. Maybe, it’s better to let him vape? Still, it’s better than letting him smoke cigarettes.

    My husband left us 2 years ago and isn’t seeing the son. Friends don’t know what to say. My parents would be terrified, so I didn’t even tell them. I feel like I’m on my own.

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    He’s just testing your boundaries, totally normal at 15. Sit down and have a chat with him, go through what’s the point of spending money on vaping or cigs? All the other things he could do with that cash over the rest of his life, why waste it and get trapped into expensive and pointless nicotine addiction?

    Maybe also a good time to have the ‘what do you want to do over the next few years’ discussion – is it school/college, apprentice/skills, what? He needs to have something to aim at, and is having to resist the peer pressure and the rest. He’s about to be pressured by sex/drugs/education/mates and really wants to know where you stand and where he should be. Push what he’s good at, have a realistic plan that will survive a bit of rebellion. good luck.

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    It is completely normal for his age. BTW, vaping is less harmful compared to smoking, so it’s not the worst situation you could be in. At least I can recommend ordering good quality vapes from https://vapingdaily.com/  It is much better than vaping something you don’t know about. They also sell different juices without tobacco.

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    From one hand it’s not really good, beause even vape is’n healthy for a young boy\girl, but from the other hand, he told you about his decision, which is good. That means, that he trusts you and it’s extremely important not to betray his trust. You may chat with him openly and ask him the real reasons of his intentions. Tell him that it may lead to addiction, if he’ll do it on a regular base.

    I think, he just wants to try it, like children of his age do, I think, that if you just talk, he won’t vape all his life long.

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