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    Hi all. Long story. Split with long term partner 2 year ago. I got my own place left the family home to him. All children grown up apart from my 10 year old son. He lives with me. I claim jsa for myself and child tax for him. Last year I got back with my ex. He works full time. I won’t allow him to stay at mine. And I stay at his some weeks for 1 night. I pay my bills he pays his at our old family home. Yes we do see each other daily. He has our pets. On the understanding I took them once I was in a situation to take them (I’m currently in a flat) so I go down to his each day to walk dogs feed etc. He brings me home with our son and then always goes home. He never stays ever. Could this be looked upon as living together. When do dwp actually class you as a couple living together etc. I couldn’t see the point of claiming dishonestly in this situation tbh as we are probably worse of like this. As I have to put almost £100 a month to my rent. Then we both pay utility bills etc. A friend had commented on the amount of time we see each other. Just wondered could this be a problem for benefits. Thanks in advance.

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    I’m terrible for giving advice but I would not worry too much about what your friend thinks.  The people who cohabit hsve their post and bills registered at the same address. Also a friend of a friend kicked the partner out and got help with benefits when she returned to work

    The ex partner took out loans although he was not living there and hmrc found out and she lost her benefits.  Don’t tell your friend too much about yourself as she might tell someone and they will report you because some people are programmed to be  busy bodies need I say more

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