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    My son is 8 months old and my ex wants to be involved. We originally agreed he would see him every other week for 3 hours local to me as there is a distance of 50+ miles. I am present during the visits as I dont trust ex not to take our son around a very toxic person that he constantly needs to please. He has since decided he doesn’t want to do this so we either go to court or I agree to alternate each visit local to me and local to him. I have another son who is not my ex who I also need to consider and just want what is best for the children. Do I agree to his suggestion or chance it in court? I should add he is not a danger to our son and my older son isn’t involved in contact as I don’t wish to confuse him

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    I think it’s better to be reasonable and avoid going court, and only go there as last resort. is it possible to increase the time he spends with child gradually, as child gets older? maybe you both could work towards having child spend alternate weekends with him as child approaches age 2 perhaps? it’s very common for these arrangements to be decided in court. think it would be a lot better to avoid court where possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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