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    Hi all

    I am coming up to 29 with a 4 year old from my previous marriage, ended not so well, but we are a united front for our daughter and have done all we can to put the past behind us. I have literally not lived with my mum since I was about 20 years old. However, she cannot stand to live with my stepdad much longer and has asked if I will rent a house with her through a private Landlord she knows quite well.

    I work anything between 12 and 24 hours a week and receive Universal Credit. We are not really going to be living together as mother and daughter as she has her life, I have mine (child, job, a boyfriend I see at weekends) So I would not be moving back home as such but doing a house-share sort of thing with my mum as we would split all the bills 50/50.

    I am just worried what will happen with my UC if I do move in and wondering if I will be able to afford to do this house share with her?

    Both would be glad of any advice at the moment as we have come up with all sorts of ideas, but most end up with us getting one or both of us in trouble and we do not want that! I just want to get my mum out of her marriage asap. We are just waiting for the landlord to come up with the total running costs too before we can start talking figures and what is and is not possible.

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    When I was still at my mums, because I was on the tenancy I was able to get my half the rent paid for me. Also still got everything else I was entitled too. I only moved out last weekend so still getting used to being on my own… Hope this kind of helped though x

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    OMG yes it does help a lot thank you!!!

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