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    Because everything is really new. I haven’t told some of my friends , my family took it the split well but I’m worried about what other people will think!! Is this stupid?? Everybody I know seems to be in happy marriages , it’s going to be awkward on the school run come September!

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    Good luck, I wish you all the best. What I will say is that you will find out who the good friends are and the not so good ones.

    Try not to assume that everyone will think ill of you as well.

    I’m sure you’re not 100 serious about the school run but hold your head up high. Don’t hide away.

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    Hi,be prepared to lose some friends out of it due to loyalty,but your real friends will stick by you,I’ve only told those closest to me and my family to start with and recently just started telling the school parents,u get shocked reactions but people tend to distance themselves from you by avoiding you later on,I was more embarrassed about telling people as a lot of people are judgemental these days

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    People can be judgement and it is hard – I lost friends over my divorce, many because they didn’t want to take side and then seemed to vanish. In terms of the school run, there is such a mix of families from singles to children being taken by grandparents/ child minders etc that I am sure that no one will realise if you don’t share it with them.

    Hold you head high and remember your true friends will be there for you.

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    Hey , thanks guys, I’m a young mum in a well to do area but I’ve just go to keep going I guess !!

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    Coming from a strict Asian background I was quite worried about my parents reaction but actually they were very supportive. I think we always think of the worst reaction and it never turns out that way. At the end of the day I tell people it’s better to be a single parent then be in a relationship that is toxic and will affect my baby. Keep strong you will be fine

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    I wondered this today, as my second husband left me yesterday. We’ve had lots of problems but I wasn’t expecting it right now. I left my first husband of 17 years, 5 years ago (there was toxic elements but to everyone else I left an extremely sorted and successful man) two and a half years later I met my present husband, we moved in after six months and married at a year even though we had obvious problems blending our families (five kids between us, none together) I didn’t listen and threw myself into it. Even my ex husband is probably dying to tell me I told you so! I hasn’t told my parents but as he put stuff on FB before properly telling me they noticed today. They came up with cuddles. I asked them about it and they said they just want me to be happy, they did a great job of reassuring me that life turns out this way sometimes and that my energy can be challenged into another direction. I’m very lucky, my sister is the same and I don’t care what anyone else thinks as they haven’t walked in my shoes therefore they do not have a clue.

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