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    Hi, I’m just wondering what other people do when they have a child free weekend. I’ve spent all day at home in my pj’s as there doesn’t seem much point in getting dressed. I’ve no motivation when they aren’t here. My friends are all with their families and I don’t want to keep intruding. I make a list of things to do but it’s easier just to stay at home. I don’t want to but it just feels that without the kids – what’s the point?

    How do I give myself a “kick up the backside” and a purpose?

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    Hi Lainey, this takes time to adjust. If I know the kids won’t be here at the weekend then I’ll leave certain jobs for that time. Such as cleaning/laundry, supermarket shopping etc. I’ll walk the dog, visit mum, get some bulk cooking done for the freezer (for the evenings when I know we’re rushing before clubs). If I just sat around then I’d only be wondering what the kids are up to. I look forward to them coming home so I might bake some nice buns/biscuits to help distract the kids after the transfer as it can’t be easy for them either, leaving their other parent. Try focus on making it nice for them to come home to as opposed to sitting wondering what they’re up to as your torturing yourself, it’s just altering perspective ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and obviously keep yourself busy!

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    I used to be the same sit wondering are they ok and because he walked out for someone else id think has he taken them there to meet her is he telling them all about her it was awful to start with I resented them going but now I think I don’t have a choice he’s there dad regardless of what I think of him so keep myself busy and usually go out on the Saturday night with a friend also seperated and then Sunday have a lay in iron there school uniform and just don’t rush around and time soon goes.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I’ve baked choc chip cookies today which went down well.

    I don’t tend to go into town at the weekend as they go in with their dad and it’s a small town. Don’t want to bump into them!

    I like the idea of googling for cheap things to do for when I have them, so I might have a go at that.


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    Chic chip cookies ๐Ÿช sound yummy! Problem is now they’ll be expecting the same each week ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    I’ struggling with this too! I guess it gets easier . Ive moved area too so hard to meet up now with my friends back there .

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    Help save the NHS (in whatever little way(s) I can

    I am an older chronically disabled Mum of a ten yr old gal. If the NHS is privatised, this family will be on the rocks as we will not be able to afford the medicine i need to live.

    and so i feel it my duty for ours and thousands of other families to make that contribution…ย  It may sound a little weird but there U go

    The thing is find something that is Just Yours, as we are not Just Parents. They will grow up and leave home before we know it, so we must have something for ourselves


    Nothing wrong with all the other fab suggestions; afai can see, they are all much more Mummyish, fun and/or and selfless :-))


    I hope this makes sense


    andria (NW London)

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