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    Hello I’m a single mum and I badly need a lot of advice as I am new to the country.

    I am Filipino/British born and raised in the Philippines, I acquired my citizenship as a British 3 years ago with the new law. To make the story short I just moved to the country last year together with my daughter (who is not a British citizen, she entered via Tourist visa which has now expired and I applied her Indefinite Leave to Remain which is now okay; which I had to borrow money as you can imagine applying and getting a solicitor to prove I’m a single parent is no joke.)

    We are currently living with my dad together with my brother on a one bedroom flat! (Yes there is 4 of us in a one bedroom flat). We applied for a council but no reply from them until now. I am in the stage of my life that I am contantly crying and worrying how can I give my daughter a decent way of living/life with our situation right now. I do not have any savings as of the moment so renting a flat for me and my daughter is not yet possible.

    As I am still new to the country can someone please give me advice how I can have help from the government and what to do? Apply for a councul house, housing association, help towards rent and etc.. That would be appreciated.

    thank you!

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