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    I’ve just found out I am pregnant I’m filled with so many emotions I really don’t know what to do. I started to see my ex partner again who I was with for 3.5years we spilt because we wasn’t getting on well I begged him not to leave but he did anyway. We spilt for about 5 months then got back into contact again, which I was so happy about we started getting close although we was not back in a relationship we was taking it slow. Then this happened. I found out I was pregnant and he’s told me he will sign all parental rights over to me and he doesn’t want to be apart of the babies life.at all because he isn’t ready for another child right now. Even tho he has a child from previous relationship. In the past I’ve had two abortions by this man which I regret everyday but I’m so scared to do this on my own I don’t know how to feel I’m so scared, I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants my baby but part of me just doesn’t know how will I know what to do?

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    That is an awful situation and no one knows the answer, either way you’ll regret it at some point, and other points you won’t. That man has toyed around with your heart and then not factored in your emotions at all.

    I’m not in a similar situation but I’ve had abortions and i’ve found out i’m pregnant from a one night stand (who tried to get into the waitress as we were on a date together) he was a remarkably confident individual. I can’t get an abortion because of the laws of the country i’m in and due to corona i’m kinda stuck here beyond the point of no return, but because i’ve had abortions I think I may as well have a kid. My only concern is if my child wants to know about their father, I don’t want to bad mouth one half of the genes to them, but also I don’t really have a kind word to say. I’ve messaged the father and said I don’t want any financial support (but i need financial support) because I don’t want a future of chasing someone and doing all the work to be treated like shit. If you are going to keep this kid, you need to set a boundaries to protect yourself from getting hurt. Face up to the fact you’re going to doing this alone but just ensure that you protect yourself from the baby-daddy hurting you like this again.

    One day you will find someone who will respect you and your body and what it does, not just what they can do with your body, whether you have a child or not. I’m sure whatever your decision it will be the right choice, but listen to what you want and not what someone who doesn’t validate you wants.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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