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    I’ve been in a position where I’d gotten my anxiety an general feeling of being down all the time undercontrol, my ex has just come back to me saying she wants to make it right between us an that the affair person has now moved on after a few weeks of moving in after I’d left. I’m really shocked an have kinda said OK, now we’ve had days out an enjoyed our time with our children an I felt so blessed to have been given a chance to improve myself in order for her to maybe never to do it again, an yes you heard me right, I blame myself for her doing what she did, an I can’t help that.  Well now there are questions I wanted some answers to an she kicks off about answering them etc an gets her back up an then started aiming things back towards me. Now to me I feel really upset because I can see that in my mind she’s not totally committed to wanting this to work an I’m really really hurting now, because now Ive got to leave again because I can’t do this with being in the unknown, I need to now start back to where I was, feeling down an empty, my question to anyone is what did you explain to your children when making the move of leaving officially.  This is my worry an upset, now I got to explain why daddy is going again. Makes me look like this is all my fault an it kills me I just feel trapped .


    Thank you.

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