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    Hi Gingerbread Forum

    I’m a single mama from Shropshire.

    There are no local Gingerbread groups near me, I am contemplating setting one up possibly but not sure if I am brave enough and it would be good to have some help if there are others out there, either in Shropshire, or nearby in West Midlands.

    The children reside with me but they go to paternal parent some weekends and half holidays and I find myself a bit lost at these times.  Would also be nice to socialise with others when they are here too though.

    Particularly after lockdown, I would really appreciate some company to ‘get back out there’, feeling a bit apprehensive about doing stuff again and socialising.  Don’t want to do it on my own.

    Most of my friends are busy with their families at the weekends and during holidays.

    I’m interested in doing the following:

    Setting up weekend family meets to go places/walks etc

    Company to go on weekend walks, join organised activities when the children aren’t here/go for a brew somewhere

    Perhaps a fortnightly/monthly support group meet up

    Any fellow West Mid/Shropshire folk out there and up for setting a group up?

    Things I most look forward to:  Listening to live music- pretty much any kind of music!  Going for a brew, bookshops, having a Cola in a beer garden! Theatre


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    Hi There,

    I’d be interested. I’m not in Shropshire, but I’m in Cannock and can travel. All the things you suggested sound great to me as I’m in a similar situation to yourself.

    Take care x

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    Hi Helen

    Great, I’m guessing  Telford area may be a good halfway meeting point if you have transport and guessing there may possibly be a few others over that way too.  There are a fair few things to do that way and many I haven’t explored yet, or not for a while anyway.  There’s things like walking up the Wrekin- never done it and starting at a real beginner level with fitness (lockdown hasn’t helped!), I’ve heard there’s a good park in Telford too.  Haven’t done Blists Hill/Ironbridge in years and years, may be nice to go to as a treat.

    Not sure about pubs/cafes and things for when I havent got the children- bet there are lots rurally on outskirts that would be lovely to try.

    Lots of options.  Thanks for responding, lets see if anyone else is interested and then we can try to set something up.

    Can you tell I have itchy feet and want to emerge from these 4 walls  ?!!!  Just feeling a bit apprehensive after lockdown and don’t always want to do it on my own, or on my own with the children.  I can do it but it sure is nicer with company.

    I should add that I have been out today and it was lovely but I think having some fellow single parent friends would really help.  🙂



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    Hey SalopianMama

    Sounds fun. Highly recommend Wrekin- good workout with nice views.

    I have two older children who do their own thing now, and a 3yrs old who needs to run out some energy!

    My eldest is a great babysitter and drives- so I can have something stronger than a lemonade in beer garden.

    Count me in x


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    Hello. I live near Ellesmere in Shropshire and I’d love to get out and meet some more single parents. My childrens’ dad has them Wednesday evenings and alternate weekends and I work part time so I’d like to get out and make some new friends in my free time. Or they’ve been stuck at home for a long while and it would be good for them to meet new people too. They are 8 and 10.

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    Salopian Mama- It sounds like we have some interests in common. I think it would be great if you started a group. I wouldn’t mind helping. I was thinking about setting up a group myself but then I already work as a teacher 3 days a week, do tutoring, and am a parent governor and the obvious parenting…so I was a bit worried I’d be taking on too much.

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    Hi Della Emma, thanks for your response.  Yes, that sounds great and I am definitely interested in setting up a group- I’ll look into it and keep you posted.

    I posted a response on a different Wed Mid post that someone else had created, there were a few responses from fellow West Midlanders on there too- if people can travel, we could use midway points for meet ups.

    I am thinking that a Zoom meeting might be a good idea to get started- if people aren’t already Zoomed out!  Thinking it could just break the ice and would mean everyone knows each other if we then did a meet up.  An initial online meetup is more flexible, so hopefully more can join and we could use an online meeting to make arrangements for a meet up too.

    I am on here solely to seek friendships but I was taking a look through other posts last night and looked at the advice on dating post- @Jaekae raised some really good points in the discussion and basically everyone in the group eventually was like, I just want to make some friends and then there was a discussion about arranging meet ups because everyone is from across the UK and it could be a really good opportunity to travel and meet others etc.  That interested me, the possibility of turning my singledom into opportunities to travel and meet others in a similar boat- especially as lockdown restrictions ease.  I was thinking again that maybe a Zoom meeting would be good initially as getting things set up via forum proved to be a challenge!

    I am conscious of safeguarding though and someone else, who’d also been a teacher mentioned about that.  There has been some Spam email messages going about too and this is a public forum I think, so I want to be as safe as I can with it all.

    Any thoughts and ideas greatly welcomed.  Are you happy for me to message you directly too, to set things up?


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    Hi all, I just responded in the ‘advice on dating’ post, I am not interested in dating but was having a nose at posts yesterday.  Anyway, one of the forum users- with a bit more experience of being on here gave some good advice I think.  They were saying that they prefer face to face meeting as then you can walk away and with online stuff you have to share email/mobile numbers etc which folk might not be comfortable with. Also that online meets could be awkward.  Safeguarding is so important and I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, I am flexible with whatever people feel comfortable with.  Feel free to check out the posts, there are 7 pages- it was a popular discussion and really interesting-my post and the response is on page 7.

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    Will have a read of the post. I’m quite new to all of this so have a limited knowledge of how it all works.
    The ladies I’ve spoken to so far all seem really nice. Totally agree with the safeguarding but I suppose you would have to private message and build up some sort of rapport.
    Keep me posted

    Enjoy the weekend ☀️

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    Hi. I’m happy to do whatever.  But how about we just start with arranging on here to meet somewhere public and easy to find and see who turns up and take it from there? How about Saturday May 8th somewhere? Maybe to walk up the Wrekin as Shimmy mentioned earlier? Or a cafe with outdoor seating to start? I can travel.

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