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    Hi Everyone

    Anyone else find weekends the hardest? I have lovely groups during the week but come the weekend I feel like the tumble weed rolls in and the whole world is busy!!!! When I’m out and about I see families and feel like a right loner!! I’d love to get together with other single parents who also find weekends lonely.

    I’m in Lincolnshire with my little boy who has just turned 17 months.

    That’s it really just anyone else feel this way?!! 🙆🏼‍♀️

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    Hey yeah I know what you mean. Weekends are always a bit different

    I work and see family or friends in the week but just me and my son of  weekend usually. Used to go to my gran and grandada of wknd but my son played up so we stopped going until he gets through this phase

    I usually think people are all out of a weekend or doing trips. My weekend is wed till fri my son has him from 7pm wed till same time fri. Wednesdays my mum will come out with us both we went Blackpool Wednesday for the day was fab

    I dont socialise with work, i have one rly good friend who i see but she is moving a little further so hope we can still do stuff. I go out with my cousins or have company but mostly arrange my social life for midweek nights. I kind of dont mind tho im grateful my mum is so amazing and when you have kids time is not your own but i still have me time

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    We always assume we only see families. We walk past plenty of people in our position and dont click on. Also what about the couples that dont do things together or dont enjoy it and just crack on for the kids sake

    I always tell myself someone is looking at me and thinking wow she’s doing fab, im independent i find shopping a doddle with my little one. I take him the park, days out, have lunch on promenade, have a football in the car so we can find grass and play.


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    I know how you feel


    weekends are horrendous for me, I do have work all week but I dread a Friday night coming when so know I’ll be alone with no other interaction apart from my 20 month old son for the full weekend.


    loneliness is horrible and would do anything to take the empty feeling away x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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