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    Newbie here.
    I’m after some help regarding what financial support my wife could expect to help with 3 kids after we separate.
    I would like it if they could stay in the family home but obviously I’d need money to live on too.

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    Liane 245


    When me and my kids dad finally threw the towel in I got nothing but debts and a debt management plan.

    If she stays in your family home presume you have somewhere to go then are you thinking maintenance for the children aswell as bills??

    I know previous ageements have involved alternate contact, buying of clothes, trainers etc.

    I suppose as soon as you have yourself straight you’ll be able to budget it all in better.

    Good luck

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    Can she afford to buy you out?or can you still afford to pay half the mortgage while living else where?because on top of child maintenance,I still think you have to share the cost of clothes,school uniforms,childcare etc and it all adds up,speak to citizens advice mate and they will tell you your options

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    I was thinking more about how much more she might expect in tax credits etc. So I can work out how much I’d be able to afford for somewhere else. She can’t buy me out and I don’t want her and then kids to have to move out. It’s not fair. As long as I had enough to live off and there was enough to make sure they were all ok then that’s ok.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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