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    I would love create and host a gingerbread parent support group with in my local area in plymouth.

    Single parent to two children. Wondering if others would feel interested in something like this if it was available.

    I aim to find a venue, provide a safe space for parents and their children to be able to attend.

    Host a range of different events and activities in hope it gives people something to look forward to.

    I hope that it could provide a range of different things such as

    Parent fitness fun.

    Talk times for parents who just need to talk about what issues they are facing. See if there is any support that can be provided in order to help conquer issues parents are facing.

    Still thinking up ideas.

    Such as pamper sessions.

    Fitness fun where you can bring your children along so you don’t have to find child care.

    Meet up to different local events so that there are social opportunities to look forward to. Providing company for one another at times so that you are not always feeling like you are that parent who goes to the park with your kids and has no one you can talk with but instead look forward to joining a network of people so people experience events together.

    I would welcome ideas and would love to find out if there is anyone who may be interested in attending something like this.

    I am a single parent of two children.

    I remember being that single parent in the school with my son when he was 5. I set up a group with five women who were all parents at the school who felt the same.

    All that it took to start it off was for me to say

    ” I don’t know about any of you but summer holidays are coming up and I really don’t want my son and I to be stuck in the house for five weeks lonely and bored. I really don’t want to be that mum sitting in the park by myself whilst I watch my kid play in the park both of us with no company around us. Would you be interested in meeting up at times.

    Between five of us.

    We arranged camping trips. 5 mum’s and 11 kids.

    We all met at parks and our children became friends.

    We felt it was so nice that we had a group of others to share things with.

    We talked about our positive news our worries our parental issues.

    It really made a big difference to my life and my son who was soooo shy finally felt he had friendly faces with other children.

    I have only moved to this area one year ago and I am looking to create something like this. I would like to meet new people and create a safe space that helps to provide support to others.







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    Hi there

    This sounds great.  If you would like to turn this into a gingerbread group then please follow this link:

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    I’m in the process of setting up a group in Somerset and just wanted to congratulate you on your post, your delivery of your aims is great, I just wish I’d read it before I sent in my forms as id of pinched some of your ideas.

    Good luck


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